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Here at Luxe Resin, we pride ourselves on delivering the fastest growing surfacing solution in the UK with the best service. We are passionate about providing the very best fully permeable resin-bound and wet pour rubber surfaces, and our knowledgeable and friendly teams are dedicated to providing the very best levels of service and installation.

Resin is perfect for drives, patios and pathways. Resin is famous for providing a safe, non slippery & fresh modern looking surface that you will be proud to show off. Our non fade mixture will also ensure that your surfaces look perfect for years to come, with no loss of colour or quality.

Our product is built around you, our friendly team takes pride in providing only the best product. With the best service, built wholly around you and your needs. With hundreds across all walks of life, from industrial and commercial needs to residential and consumer, we have a product that suits all needs. Come and see for yourself, and join the resin revolution!